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Service Flag History

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A Home For Dolia


There are many things named after Freddy Gonzalez such as the USS Gonzalez, a street, a park, but the most important to us is Freddy Gonzalez Elementary School. Before Freddy died, he promised he would build his mom a house on Sugar Rd. When he died the Edinburg community made his dream come true by making this school on Sugar Rd.



Gold Star Mom

     Dolia Gonzalez is Freddy Gonzalez Elementary's Gold Star Mom. Dolia Gonzalez was born on August 18, 1929. She was the first child born to Luz and Ermine Gonzalez. She had five siblings. When she was a child, she helped her mom by babysitting her younger brothers and sisters. Dolia did not graduate. She was only able to attend school until seventh grade. Dolia worked as a waitress at the Echo Hotel. Dolia's only son, Freddy Gonzalez was killed during the Vietnam War. Freddy lost his life while protecting the men in his platoon. She has kept his memory alive to honor his sacrifice.



Our Hero

Sergeant Alfredo Gonzalez

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USS Gonzalez

Twenty years after Freddy was killed, the Navy decided to name a destroyer in his honor.



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photos were scanned from Freddy Gonzalez Elementary's collection.